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Get to know me

  • Enthusiastic hype girl

  • True crime podcast junkie

  • Daily affirmations, yes please

  • Gas tank is probably on E

  • Equal parts enneagram 2,3,7,8

  • Sour beer lover

  • Will greet your dog first

  • Knows a questionable

     amount of WWE facts

Screen Shot 2023-04-10 at 4_edited.jpg

Well hello there,

I'm Brittany, a wedding photographer and hype girl with an adventurous soul always seeking out the next best location. Coffee is my love language and I will greet any dog I come in contact with (their four legged furry selves are like a magnet, I cannot help myself). I'll greet you with the friendliest smile and am genuinely excited to be a part of your moments. They matter to me. The in-between matters to me. The both of you enjoying yourselves and invoking fuzzy feelings when you look at your photos MATTERS TO ME! Focusing less on posing and more on creating those real and raw emotions that make photos more than an image, but a feeling, matters to me. THAT IS WHAT I LIVE FOR. So cheers your adventure and go ahead and hit that contact button!



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